By Mari Morin

After 8 years spent as a breeding dog, Meagan was surrendered to a rescue. Having no socialization and afraid of everything including the car, stairs, floors, people, we brought her home after the mandatory vet check.

With several months of encouragement, patience, persistence and love, Meagan slowly grew to trust and accept her foster family consisting of 2 resident dogs and 2 humans. Her adjustment was slow with most days consisting of 1 step forward, two steps back. By April Meagan got used to our routine and seemed to be at a plateau. By June we were ready to look for another foster where Meagan would hopefully grow and develop new routines and learn to adapt better in a new environment.

Late July Meagan & I attended an event where Ilga was doing communications readings and she asked to read Meagan. The reading proved to be prophetic for Meagan. Ilga said Meagan needed water. I responded with “she doesn’t drink water or eat in public.”  Actually what Ilga was saying is that Meagan needed water to dip in for relaxation.

The next day Meagan and I went to a dog event that had a couple doggie pools. Meagan led me to the first pool, walked in, let out a sigh and melted into the water. It was difficult to get her out.

A couple days after later we went to a friend’s home with a backyard pond. Meagan dragged me down the hill and again she melted into the water. After a couple minutes she confidently walked out of the water and jumped on the dock, giving a high paw to everyone.

Ilga’s reading told me exactly what Meagan needed – WATER. The next day we set up a kiddy pool in our backyard and Meagan spent most summer days relaxing in it. Since then she has blossomed with more confidence, energy and trust. She started chasing the tennis ball and interacting with her foster family and visiting dogs.

Early December Meagan met Santa and told him she wanted a Forever Family. Meagan’s wish was granted. A wonderful family adopted her that will make sure she gets plenty of water time as they have a lake cabin and are an active family that will encourage her emotional growth and give her tons of love.

Thank you Ilga for reading Meagan and giving me the communication she requires to live the “golden” life.

Mari Morin, Rescue Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Devon Thomas Treadwell




Wheeling it Forward

Synchronicity and a little miracle happened today. My brother had a brain aneurysm when he was 19 years old and was disabled all his adult life until he passed at age 47. He led a long life considering. My mom ended up using his wheelchair until a few weeks ago when she fell and was fitted for her own chair in the nursing home. I thought “where should I donate my brother’s chair?” I remembered how he loved socializing at the Hopkins Adult Day Center for many years and today I went there, walked in and the receptionist routed me to the director. She said, “oh my, how timely because we are going on an outing tomorrow and a man doesn’t have a wheelchair; their family can’t afford one and we have been trying to find or borrow a chair so he can attend the outing.” The director graciously took the chair and asked my brother’s name. When I told her, she said how kind he was and she remembered him. After all these years it touched my heart. My brother would have been proud that his chair is in new hands when needed to have a fun outing at the center he loved and felt love. I love synchronicity and little miracles!

—Ilga Cimbulis

Near-Death Experience Avoided by Kindness of a Pet Lover

Ilga said it was a miracle, a Divine intervention perhaps. All we knew is that something Bigger was at work here. The week had almost gone by and time was running out for the stray that I was trying to help. It was an eye-opening experience to discover that all shelters/rescues were completely full and couldn’t take him. The shelter he resided with for the week was planning to euthanize him, deeming him unadoptable. Ilga helped me to get clarification on what I could and couldn’t do for this animal, what was realistic, and to come to some peace with things that were seemingly out of my control.

Just as I was beginning to accept that this dog’s fate, my husband called to tell me that he had shared the story of the dog at work and an employee of his came forward. He would “sleep on it,” but sounded very interested in taking this dog. Ilga described this person as a perfect match for this particular dog, someone who enjoys projects and will not see his shortcomings and training needed as a burden. He would be able to keep his emotions out of it, focus on what needs to be done, and allow the dog to be himself. Ilga and I laughed as we discussed picking him up at the shelter that upcoming Saturday. She said there were going to be a series of trials and errors getting him into the car. Was she ever right! Ilga also said that he was not mean-spirited and had been around other communities of animals. This was a concern to the potential adopter, since he already owned two cats and another dog. When Ilga inquired about what the dog would need, she stated that the dog had received everything he needed for the week at the shelter (food, housing), and that he would continue to receive everything he needed with the adopter.

It has been approximately six weeks now and Dakota is doing well. He is settling in to his new home, seems to be attaching to the adopter, and is progressing with his leash aggression behaviors. Not only was this a perfect match for the dog, but I also get to receive ongoing updates on him. I feel very privileged to still remain involved from a distance. Ilga assured me that this dog would now have the best life possible!

Andrea Shellen

Rescue Groups Search: Lost Dog Found

At 9 o’clock on a January night, a dog bolted upon arrival at a foster home of a well-known Twin Cities rescue organization. Though he was initially lost in a residential subdivision, his leash trail in the snow immediately led northwest toward frozen wetlands and nearby rural areas. Several volunteers followed his tracks until 2 a.m., when we determined that searching in daylight would be more effective. 

In the morning, one of our volunteers contacted Ilga. While I was still tracking him through the wetlands, I spoke with Ilga, who told us to go further in the same direction. We did, and we found more leash trails.

Unfortunately, unseasonably warm weather melted the snow that day and the next, and we lost concrete evidence of where he had gone. By then, dozens of people were involved in the search, including a cadre of volunteers distributing flyers. Ilga told us he’d now gone south, so we concentrated our search several hundred yards south of where we found the leash trails.

 A couple of days later, I chanced upon his leash trail TWO MILES south of where we’d lost it. He did indeed go south, but much further than we had realized. Ilga gave me a specific square-mile of land to search in, and we scoured it hoping to find more evidence in the scant snow that remained. She also said that he had stopped moving, that he might be stuck or in distress. And she relayed that though she wasn’t prepared to say that he had passed, this was a possibility.

Flyering and FindToto phone calls were starting to result in sightings. But each time searchers left Ilga’s recommended area to follow up a sighting, it turned out to be a false lead, and we were drawn right back to the area she’d indicated.

Sadly, our week-long search ended when we found the dog’s body. He had been hit by a car, just a few yards north and east of the perimeter she had given us.

Ilga has a gift, and we are so grateful that she offered it to our group in our time of need. Though not the outcome any of us had hoped for, finding the dog’s body provided closure and averted that awful condition of having to call off the search, unsure if we did enough, and never knowing what became of him.

Thank you, Ilga. If you check in again with this boy, please tell him how hard we tried.

DevonThomas Treadwell

Rescue Volunteer



sheltieI am fostering a little bi-black Sheltie, Domino, who is as sweet as the day is long but is also tremendously scared and skittish around people. And unfortunately, on Saturday July 23rd, I let all the dogs out in back to do their business and didn’t realize the back gate was not latched. We had just had a thunderstorm roll through and strong winds were pushing in behind the storm. These winds were enough to blow my gate open and let all 5 dogs out.

When I realized that the dogs were gone, I immediately started searching for them. My 3 collies and my sheltie all ran back home with the aid of some neighborhood kids. However, Domino was frightened by the children and took off running.

The first thing I did was call the local police department and asked them to keep an eye out for Domino. Next I called the local animal shelter and notified them that Domino was missing and if he should be turned in to notify me as soon as possible. Third on the list was the MN Sheltie Rescue, Domino’s owner. My fourth call was to Ilga Cimbulis, an animal communicator. I had taken several animal communication classes previously from Ilga and I felt quite confident in her work.

Ilga agreed to help me find Domino. She communicated with Domino and this is what she saw through Domino’s eyes: He ran past a church, a beauty salon, a gas station and then he came to a body of water. She said he had definitely headed southeast from my home and hadn’t gone further than a mile to mile and a half.

I was elated to hear this. I could verify the church since we had had sightings of Domino by Faith Lutheran Church which is two blocks from my house. I could verify the gas station which is located about a half a mile southeast of my house and I could verify the body of water—that being the Crow River. But I couldn’t think of any beauty salon southeast of me. Early Sunday morning I got in the car and drove around the area southeast of my home looking for Domino and what did I drive past but a beauty salon only one block from my home. I had completely forgotten all about it. So I was able to verify everything that Ilga had seen.

On Sunday, my friend Terry came over and we searched for Domino based on things Ilga had gotten from Domino in her communication with him. Ilga had us drive to a street that I didn’t even know existed and she said we would find a cluster of 5 or 6 1960s to 1970s homes. Domino had been in this area looking for food and had drunk water at a slough/marsh area nearby. We drove over to this road and sure enough, there were 5 homes set back from the main street and adjacent to the Crow River. I talked to everyone there but no one had seen Domi. It appeared that the area where Domino was moving was land owned by 3M in Hutchinson. I talked to the gentlemen in the 3M guard house and one of them said he had seen Domino the day before running down Oakland Ave straight towards the 3M plant. This sighting again verified Ilga’s information. I requested and received permission to walk 3M’s property along the river to search for Domino and I set one of the live traps between the 3M plant and the river. Again, Ilga kept getting information that Domino was roaming in this area and was keeping close to the river area.

The MN Sheltie Rescue helped pass out hundreds of flyers in the area, put up signs throughout town and hired an automated call facility to call and alert everyone in Hutchinson within a 1 mile radius of my home. Still the only sighting we received that week was from a member of the Hutchinson police department who said he had seen a large black and white Sheltie in a trailer park in the northwest part of town. The Sheltie Rescue wanted me to follow up on any sightings but my heart was not in it. I did go up there Wednesday evening and passed out flyers but no one I talked to had seen a Sheltie.

I went to work Thursday and unfortunately left my cell phone plugged in to the charger at home. A call had come in about 1:30 Thursday afternoon from a City of Hutchinson park employee who said he had seen Domino come out of the marsh area behind the park maintenance building . By the time I got home and listened to the message, it was 4:00, but I raced over there anyway and tried calling Domino out. Nothing. Since this was the first sighting in the area Ilga had us focus on since the initial sightings the day Domino ran away, I decided to place both live traps in the vicinity. I checked the traps about 6:00 in the morning but I hadn’t caught anything.

About 7:30 in the morning I received a call from another park employee at the maintenance building who had just seen Domino come out again from the marsh area fronting the river. I grabbed one of my collies and we went down to the river calling out for Domino. Still nothing. I called the Sheltie Rescue to keep them updated and as I was talking to them and walking back towards my car, who should come running out of the marsh but Domino? Harley and I ran back to the area and again tried to get Domino to come out. After 10 minutes he finally came out, saw Harley and ran over to him with tail wagging. After a little more coaxing I was able to grab Domino and bring him home.

Ilga’s information had been 100% correct the whole time. And he was actually found about 200 yards from the 3M plant and he was hanging by the river. I am so grateful to Ilga for all her help in getting Domino back home and for pointing us in the right area where he was eventually found. This is one story that has a positive happy ending and a large amount of credit goes to Ilga and her skills at animal communication! Thanks, Ilga.


If you’d like to learn more about Sheltie Rescue, please visit mnsheltierescue.org

Nellie Aces Her Hunt Test!

Recently, I received a hand written note from my client Sheila. The note was written with blue ink, on wide ruled paper, three holes on the left-hand side, the sheet of paper torn out perhaps quickly leaving those paper frayed edges behind. In this “high tech” world I appreciated the time and thoughtfulness of this sweet little note. It made my day!

Here is Sheila’s note:

Dear Ilga,

I wanted to tell you what a nice job Nellie did at the Hunt Test on Saturday, after I talked with you Friday night.

She did her water retrieves perfectly – in fact , she received a “10” out of “10” on her marking and trainability (how well they retrieve and bring the bird back to you!) Can you believe it. I did exactly as you said; visualized her entering the water and I gave her a ton of praise. She was really proud of herself as she brought the bird back through the slough and spectators watching clapped for her.



This note made my day so I decided to pay it forward. I hand printed a note from Mitzi, my pet-sitting dog client to her person with photos included of Mitzi’s visit to my mom, Liga, in the nursing home. This darling little dogs “sunshine” made my mom’s day! I hope Mitzi’s note to her person brings a smile and makes her day. Let’s pay it forward!

It Took Me Four Years

I am trained to listen to my guidance system and I love the synchronicities that occur when I do.  For five years, I have been hearing that little voice telling me to meditate.  About three years ago, I took an eight-week Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program with full intention of meditating on a daily basis.  It didn’t happen.  I repeated this program three times and still had the difficulty of putting meditation into a daily practice.  About a year ago, something finally clicked and I began studying yoga and meditation at the Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis.  Due to a minor medical concern, I consciously deepened my practice and, in a short time, knew it was making a difference.  It pays to take action when you get those nudges and hear those messages so a minor concern doesn’t escalate.

Check out a Dharma Talk by Mark Nunberg, the Founder and Facilitator at the Common Ground Meditation Center.

In Spirit,
Ilga Cimbulis

Julaan’s Poem

I come from a long line of Arabs

We worship the full moon…

It was I who planned it, the whole adventure

With you, Ilga

You were my favorite student

And I courted you without you even knowing it

I knew you’d take good care of me

And I knew I’d take good care of you

We had our adventures here and there

And we made the circuit from Rainbow’s End

To Jaqueri Oaks and Monticello and

Places in between and finally back at Marjory’s

We learned a lot in our adventures

About people and horses and all the different ways of living

I know you worried about me so, and

I tried to convince you that I was happy and content

I know you were so worried about the approaching winter

Frankly, so was I

I had a feeling that my time had come

When the corn turned golden and the leaves started to drop

I sensed it was about time for me to lie down and rest

And let the angels carry me away from you, away from the summer

Thank you for taking me under your wing

Thank you for all the sincere talks, the jokes, the silliness

Thank you for the muffins and the fussins

And know that though my while svelte body has died

My spirit will remain with you always

For you were the one I chose, the one I liked best

See you sometime, on the other side of the rainbow.

Julaan    (1973-2005)

Written by our friend Cyndi.

Chewy’s Story

I met Ilga several years ago when we were neighbors. I knew she did intuitive consultations for animals so when my younger cat, Chewbacca (Chewy), developed health issues including very uncomfortable skin allergies, I asked Ilga to do a reading for us.

Ilga’s communication was so comforting and accurate, I decided to take her Introductory Animal Communication class in June of 2006. Part of the class involved teaming up with another student and practicing doing “readings” on each other’s animals. My class partner for the reading on Chewy (a totally-indoor-2nd-floor-apartment cat) reported that he “likes the outdoors and smelling grass…” (true…he always begged to go out on our balcony) …..and he is asking “When are the butterflies coming?“ (Hold that butterfly thought….)

Now flash forward 3-1/2 years to September, 2009. After several years of suffering with skin discomfort, special diets, vet visits, lots of frustration and tears, I knew both Chewy and I had had enough and I had him put down. I felt the decision was the right one. The vet was wonderful and I’m glad I stayed with Chewy through the whole transition to send him on his new journey.

A couple of weeks later, I consulted Ilga to see what Chewy might have to say and how he was getting along. The first words of her communication report were: “When I connect with Chewy, the first thing I see is a flock of butterflies!” Whenever I listen to her CD recording of the session, I find it so comforting and reassuring to know that Chewy is pain-free and finally enjoying the butterflies he has been waiting for.

Karen Golden

On The Mark!

I first met Ilga in March of 2001 when she attended a Medicine Wheel workshop I facilitated.  She called me after the workshop and immediately I knew this individual had spunk…had succinct boundaries, focus and drive!  Over the years, we have done several Julia Cameron books together (author of The Artist Way) in which we journal and move through each chapter per week and report to each other through email and at times, meet in person for breakfast to discuss what we are experiencing, our perspectives and goals.  Throughout the years, we have discovered our “art” and have supported each other as emerging creative selves allowing me to “explore” singing and her exploring her own “intuitive” nature and abilities.
Ilga has been a teacher in that…”she doesn’t always meet my “conditioned” expectations!”  I say this with respect as an observer and participant of this Earth journey.  We are very different in our personalities and yet I learn many things from her, “in reflection” to what is present in our interactions and what might be the message I need to be aware of in my own life.

I have had the privilege to witness her venture with intuitive consultations as she progressed from practicing her skills and insight to becoming an authentic, public, intuitive reader.  Her sessions are “practical” without fluff; but RIGHT ON THE MARK!  She is concrete and clear-seeing!

Personally, I have witnessed her journey over the years and have seen first-hand her strength and faith!  She is action-orientated and lives her talk!  Definitely, she is impeccable!

I recommend seeing Ilga as an Intuitive Consultant when you really want to hear out loud, confirmation and/or affirmation of your inner truth, or wish to bring forth questions that you really want answered about you, your life, your loved ones, (including the furry friends) or even to ask, “what’s it all about Ilga?!”

Rena Lindgren