It Took Me Four Years

I am trained to listen to my guidance system and I love the synchronicities that occur when I do.  For five years, I have been hearing that little voice telling me to meditate.  About three years ago, I took an eight-week Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program with full intention of meditating on a daily basis.  It didn’t happen.  I repeated this program three times and still had the difficulty of putting meditation into a daily practice.  About a year ago, something finally clicked and I began studying yoga and meditation at the Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis.  Due to a minor medical concern, I consciously deepened my practice and, in a short time, knew it was making a difference.  It pays to take action when you get those nudges and hear those messages so a minor concern doesn’t escalate.

Check out a Dharma Talk by Mark Nunberg, the Founder and Facilitator at the Common Ground Meditation Center.

In Spirit,
Ilga Cimbulis

Julaan’s Poem

I come from a long line of Arabs

We worship the full moon…

It was I who planned it, the whole adventure

With you, Ilga

You were my favorite student

And I courted you without you even knowing it

I knew you’d take good care of me

And I knew I’d take good care of you

We had our adventures here and there

And we made the circuit from Rainbow’s End

To Jaqueri Oaks and Monticello and

Places in between and finally back at Marjory’s

We learned a lot in our adventures

About people and horses and all the different ways of living

I know you worried about me so, and

I tried to convince you that I was happy and content

I know you were so worried about the approaching winter

Frankly, so was I

I had a feeling that my time had come

When the corn turned golden and the leaves started to drop

I sensed it was about time for me to lie down and rest

And let the angels carry me away from you, away from the summer

Thank you for taking me under your wing

Thank you for all the sincere talks, the jokes, the silliness

Thank you for the muffins and the fussins

And know that though my while svelte body has died

My spirit will remain with you always

For you were the one I chose, the one I liked best

See you sometime, on the other side of the rainbow.

Julaan    (1973-2005)

Written by our friend Cyndi.