By Mari Morin

After 8 years spent as a breeding dog, Meagan was surrendered to a rescue. Having no socialization and afraid of everything including the car, stairs, floors, people, we brought her home after the mandatory vet check.

With several months of encouragement, patience, persistence and love, Meagan slowly grew to trust and accept her foster family consisting of 2 resident dogs and 2 humans. Her adjustment was slow with most days consisting of 1 step forward, two steps back. By April Meagan got used to our routine and seemed to be at a plateau. By June we were ready to look for another foster where Meagan would hopefully grow and develop new routines and learn to adapt better in a new environment.

Late July Meagan & I attended an event where Ilga was doing communications readings and she asked to read Meagan. The reading proved to be prophetic for Meagan. Ilga said Meagan needed water. I responded with “she doesn’t drink water or eat in public.”  Actually what Ilga was saying is that Meagan needed water to dip in for relaxation.

The next day Meagan and I went to a dog event that had a couple doggie pools. Meagan led me to the first pool, walked in, let out a sigh and melted into the water. It was difficult to get her out.

A couple days after later we went to a friend’s home with a backyard pond. Meagan dragged me down the hill and again she melted into the water. After a couple minutes she confidently walked out of the water and jumped on the dock, giving a high paw to everyone.

Ilga’s reading told me exactly what Meagan needed – WATER. The next day we set up a kiddy pool in our backyard and Meagan spent most summer days relaxing in it. Since then she has blossomed with more confidence, energy and trust. She started chasing the tennis ball and interacting with her foster family and visiting dogs.

Early December Meagan met Santa and told him she wanted a Forever Family. Meagan’s wish was granted. A wonderful family adopted her that will make sure she gets plenty of water time as they have a lake cabin and are an active family that will encourage her emotional growth and give her tons of love.

Thank you Ilga for reading Meagan and giving me the communication she requires to live the “golden” life.

Mari Morin, Rescue Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Devon Thomas Treadwell