Wheeling it Forward

Synchronicity and a little miracle happened today. My brother had a brain aneurysm when he was 19 years old and was disabled all his adult life until he passed at age 47. He led a long life considering. My mom ended up using his wheelchair until a few weeks ago when she fell and was fitted for her own chair in the nursing home. I thought “where should I donate my brother’s chair?” I remembered how he loved socializing at the Hopkins Adult Day Center for many years and today I went there, walked in and the receptionist routed me to the director. She said, “oh my, how timely because we are going on an outing tomorrow and a man doesn’t have a wheelchair; their family can’t afford one and we have been trying to find or borrow a chair so he can attend the outing.” The director graciously took the chair and asked my brother’s name. When I told her, she said how kind he was and she remembered him. After all these years it touched my heart. My brother would have been proud that his chair is in new hands when needed to have a fun outing at the center he loved and felt love. I love synchronicity and little miracles!

—Ilga Cimbulis