Near-Death Experience Avoided by Kindness of a Pet Lover

Ilga said it was a miracle, a Divine intervention perhaps. All we knew is that something Bigger was at work here. The week had almost gone by and time was running out for the stray that I was trying to help. It was an eye-opening experience to discover that all shelters/rescues were completely full and couldn’t take him. The shelter he resided with for the week was planning to euthanize him, deeming him unadoptable. Ilga helped me to get clarification on what I could and couldn’t do for this animal, what was realistic, and to come to some peace with things that were seemingly out of my control.

Just as I was beginning to accept that this dog’s fate, my husband called to tell me that he had shared the story of the dog at work and an employee of his came forward. He would “sleep on it,” but sounded very interested in taking this dog. Ilga described this person as a perfect match for this particular dog, someone who enjoys projects and will not see his shortcomings and training needed as a burden. He would be able to keep his emotions out of it, focus on what needs to be done, and allow the dog to be himself. Ilga and I laughed as we discussed picking him up at the shelter that upcoming Saturday. She said there were going to be a series of trials and errors getting him into the car. Was she ever right! Ilga also said that he was not mean-spirited and had been around other communities of animals. This was a concern to the potential adopter, since he already owned two cats and another dog. When Ilga inquired about what the dog would need, she stated that the dog had received everything he needed for the week at the shelter (food, housing), and that he would continue to receive everything he needed with the adopter.

It has been approximately six weeks now and Dakota is doing well. He is settling in to his new home, seems to be attaching to the adopter, and is progressing with his leash aggression behaviors. Not only was this a perfect match for the dog, but I also get to receive ongoing updates on him. I feel very privileged to still remain involved from a distance. Ilga assured me that this dog would now have the best life possible!

Andrea Shellen