Nellie Aces Her Hunt Test!

Recently, I received a hand written note from my client Sheila. The note was written with blue ink, on wide ruled paper, three holes on the left-hand side, the sheet of paper torn out perhaps quickly leaving those paper frayed edges behind. In this “high tech” world I appreciated the time and thoughtfulness of this sweet little note. It made my day!

Here is Sheila’s note:

Dear Ilga,

I wanted to tell you what a nice job Nellie did at the Hunt Test on Saturday, after I talked with you Friday night.

She did her water retrieves perfectly – in fact , she received a “10” out of “10” on her marking and trainability (how well they retrieve and bring the bird back to you!) Can you believe it. I did exactly as you said; visualized her entering the water and I gave her a ton of praise. She was really proud of herself as she brought the bird back through the slough and spectators watching clapped for her.



This note made my day so I decided to pay it forward. I hand printed a note from Mitzi, my pet-sitting dog client to her person with photos included of Mitzi’s visit to my mom, Liga, in the nursing home. This darling little dogs “sunshine” made my mom’s day! I hope Mitzi’s note to her person brings a smile and makes her day. Let’s pay it forward!