It Took Me Four Years

I am trained to listen to my guidance system and I love the synchronicities that occur when I do.  For five years, I have been hearing that little voice telling me to meditate.  About three years ago, I took an eight-week Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program with full intention of meditating on a daily basis.  It didn’t happen.  I repeated this program three times and still had the difficulty of putting meditation into a daily practice.  About a year ago, something finally clicked and I began studying yoga and meditation at the Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis.  Due to a minor medical concern, I consciously deepened my practice and, in a short time, knew it was making a difference.  It pays to take action when you get those nudges and hear those messages so a minor concern doesn’t escalate.

Check out a Dharma Talk by Mark Nunberg, the Founder and Facilitator at the Common Ground Meditation Center.

In Spirit,
Ilga Cimbulis