Chewy’s Story

I met Ilga several years ago when we were neighbors. I knew she did intuitive consultations for animals so when my younger cat, Chewbacca (Chewy), developed health issues including very uncomfortable skin allergies, I asked Ilga to do a reading for us.

Ilga’s communication was so comforting and accurate, I decided to take her Introductory Animal Communication class in June of 2006. Part of the class involved teaming up with another student and practicing doing “readings” on each other’s animals. My class partner for the reading on Chewy (a totally-indoor-2nd-floor-apartment cat) reported that he “likes the outdoors and smelling grass…” (true…he always begged to go out on our balcony) …..and he is asking “When are the butterflies coming?“ (Hold that butterfly thought….)

Now flash forward 3-1/2 years to September, 2009. After several years of suffering with skin discomfort, special diets, vet visits, lots of frustration and tears, I knew both Chewy and I had had enough and I had him put down. I felt the decision was the right one. The vet was wonderful and I’m glad I stayed with Chewy through the whole transition to send him on his new journey.

A couple of weeks later, I consulted Ilga to see what Chewy might have to say and how he was getting along. The first words of her communication report were: “When I connect with Chewy, the first thing I see is a flock of butterflies!” Whenever I listen to her CD recording of the session, I find it so comforting and reassuring to know that Chewy is pain-free and finally enjoying the butterflies he has been waiting for.

Karen Golden