On The Mark!

I first met Ilga in March of 2001 when she attended a Medicine Wheel workshop I facilitated.  She called me after the workshop and immediately I knew this individual had spunk…had succinct boundaries, focus and drive!  Over the years, we have done several Julia Cameron books together (author of The Artist Way) in which we journal and move through each chapter per week and report to each other through email and at times, meet in person for breakfast to discuss what we are experiencing, our perspectives and goals.  Throughout the years, we have discovered our “art” and have supported each other as emerging creative selves allowing me to “explore” singing and her exploring her own “intuitive” nature and abilities.
Ilga has been a teacher in that…”she doesn’t always meet my “conditioned” expectations!”  I say this with respect as an observer and participant of this Earth journey.  We are very different in our personalities and yet I learn many things from her, “in reflection” to what is present in our interactions and what might be the message I need to be aware of in my own life.

I have had the privilege to witness her venture with intuitive consultations as she progressed from practicing her skills and insight to becoming an authentic, public, intuitive reader.  Her sessions are “practical” without fluff; but RIGHT ON THE MARK!  She is concrete and clear-seeing!

Personally, I have witnessed her journey over the years and have seen first-hand her strength and faith!  She is action-orientated and lives her talk!  Definitely, she is impeccable!

I recommend seeing Ilga as an Intuitive Consultant when you really want to hear out loud, confirmation and/or affirmation of your inner truth, or wish to bring forth questions that you really want answered about you, your life, your loved ones, (including the furry friends) or even to ask, “what’s it all about Ilga?!”

Rena Lindgren