Dog Or Cat Owners

The information below was sent to me by an employee of the Minnesota River Valley Animal Shelter.  It was requested that I pass this information along so I have included the piece.

Ilga Cimbulis

Dog or cat owners:
I just found this out today I hope the tag info is correct.  If you have a tag on your dog or cat that reads:
“This pet may not be turned over to a research facility if lost and impounded.”  By law, pounds and tax funded shelters must honor such tags.

Not much comfort to a person that’s lost a pet but I wanted people to be aware of this and about MN pound seizure law.  Minnesota still mandates pound seizure and that is why you may want to tag your animal with this.

For more info on this:

To get a tag with this saying and to help end pound seizure you can go to:

Scary huh?

Minnesota and two other states are the only ones who still mandate this.
If you do not want your pet or other’s lost animals sent to a lab, please send this info along!